Take a step back and help your team focus on a key issue

There is no shortage of topics that require the attention of all your team, but everyone is so busy…

Sometimes you need to get all together in a room for a few hours or a day and work with a professional, for instance about:

  • Creativity
  • Change
  • Management
  • Organizational behavior
  • Intercultural issues
  • Women in the workplace
  • Project management
  • International work

Workshops are interactive, concrete, engaging and informative. No only they help you to do your job but they make it more interesting.

Wondering how you could use Mobilys workshops?

Review the (imaginary) business cases below and get inspired!

Cardmaster was founded in Brittany in the 80s to manufacture various types of plastic cards. The team rapidly expanded, then stabilized and did not change much thereafter. With most of the staff about to retire in the next few years, a new management taking over and a number of mutations taking place in the business, the company could use Mobilys to organize a series of workshops to help the team understand the new situation and make the right moves.
The cards you want to hold
Cu Chulainn Tooling is an Irish company specialized in percussion tooling, technology and surface treatment. They need to grow and expand globally from a small and local team. They could hire Mobilys for a series of workshops on intercultural issues, international business, management of growing teams, transitions (local to global, innovation, change of generations…).
Cu Chulainnn Tooling
Many bangs for your buck