Relieve your teams!

Projects are the implementation of change and therefore cover all aspects of business life.

Sometimes the amount of change is just too much for your team and you may need Mobilys for instance in the following cases :

  • Innovation partnership
  • International venture
  • Complex business project
  • Supporting inexperienced teams
  • Temporarily understaffed projects

We bring experience and business & technical acumen, and we can step in and out anytime for full flexibility.

Wondering how you could use Mobilys in your projects?

Review the (imaginary) business cases below and get inspired!

On the Rocks is a Breton company specialized in granit that wants to develop a revolutionary software to use this material in innovative ways. It could develop the project with Mobilys, finding and managing the stakeholders, funding, organizing the works (timeline, roadmap, budgets, controls, management…).
On the Rocks
The harder the better
Cabertoss Ventures is a Scottish Venture fund that needs to expand internationally. They are interested in the Breton ecosystem, where they find companies with models they are familiar with, but need some local expertise to prevent mistakes and fill the cultural gap. They could involve Mobilys in the talks and various due diligence steps.
Cabertoss Ventures
We know what value is
Tongue in Cheese is a group of European regions with a significant cheese industry. They are setting up a project to work on synergy and economies of scale and promote the whole chain of value at global scale, potentially with European funds and the involvement of many stakeholders. They could involve Mobilys in the preparation and implementation of the project.
Tongue in Cheese
So cheese, so good