Mobilys can write or review your documents

Many documents need careful, accurate, structured writing, technical features, a professional presentation and a relevant story telling:

  • Presentations (business, activity, project…)
  • Application files (funding, contest, awards…)
  • Reports
  • Studies…

The documents can be written in French or English, in text or PowerPoint format. They rely on technical and writing skills stemming from dozens of documents as listed, in industrial contexts, partnerships, fundraising, international projects…

Wondering how you could use Mobilys for your documents?

Review the (imaginary) business cases below and get inspired!

Tongue in Cheese is a group of European regions with a significant cheese industry. As all regions are designing promotional documents for the other ones, the non-French regions can use Mobilys to write documents in French with a content adapted to French readers, and the French regions can use Mobilys to communicate in English.
Tongue in Cheese
So cheese, so good
2Chitty2Bang is an Irish company with a vehicle predictive maintenance technology based on historical data and sensors. They use it for trucks, buses and should soon expand to cars. They have some activity in France and are setting up a major R&D project with a key customer and other partners. Together they are applying for public funds and many documents need to be written in French & English. This is where Mobilys can be useful, both for the company and its French partners.
Fix it before it breaks
Based in Saint Malo, Ciweed has developed a groundbreaking technology for algae farming in urban environments. They need to expand quickly at global scale but due to the nature of their business, they constantly need to answer to detailed tenders in English, with mostly similar issues but a completely different format each time. They use Mobilys to write the documents so they can focus on their core business.
An ocean taste in the city