Just do more business

Sometimes organizations just cannot hire more people or expand the structure to do business development because a feedback is needed first, or the right profiles are not available, or there is just no time.

Call us then, we can help you in many ways, for instance:

  • Finding customers in France or elsewhere
  • Joining your team for events, projects, partnerships, missions (probing the market…)
  • Improving customer relationship
  • Supporting junior salespeople

Due to our extended industrial experience, we can quickly get up to speed on your technical know-how.

We work with customers and your teams from field to C-level, at local (France) or international scale.

Wondering how you could do business development with Mobilys?

Review the (imaginary) business cases below and get inspired!

Based in Wisconsin, Cheese Pie is a company that uses French know-how in cheese and cheese products to develop new French-American products. They are well known for their Plateau de Cheese ("a gastronomical peak"). As they travel to France on a regular basis to establish and develop partnerships, they could work with Mobilys to arrange business meetings, investigate leads and facilitate communication.
Cheese Pie
More cheese than you can imagine
2Chitty2Bang is an Irish company with a vehicle predictive maintenance technology based on historical data and sensors. They use it for trucks, buses and should soon expand to cars. They have some activity in France with major manufacturers but also need to evangelize end users (public transport companies, maintenance companies). Mobilys could help them for business meetings, events, market intelligence, so as to have a presence in France without yet establishing a branch.
Fix it before it breaks
Based in Saint Malo, Ciweed has developed a groundbreaking technology for algae farming in urban environments. They need to expand quickly at global scale to establish a dominant market position and self-fund their growth but it is difficult to hire senior international business developers with their company profile and location. They could hire Mobilys to get international business quickly and improve their employer profile.
An ocean taste in the city