You are a non-business Organization

Are you a local community? A support organization? An association? A business union? Or none of this?

Like all organizations, you are likely to undergo many transitions (organizational, international, about management, projects, partnerships, cultures, generations, genders…).

Mobilys can help you with studies, training, workshops, coaching, audits, etc. for instance about:

  • Transitions & change
  • Management
  • Globalization impact on organizations
  • International issues
  • Organizational behavior
  • Business finance for non-financial people
  • Innovation & creativity

We work in English or French.

Wondering how you could use Mobilys’ services?

Review the (imaginary) business cases below and get inspired!

Elus des Territoires Intermédiaires is a group of elected officials in areas that are neither large cities or the countryside. In order to make the right decision in a glocal (global but local) context, they could hire Mobilys to get advice on the projects, the strategies, the investments, the relationship with business, with other markets, with the global community.
Elus des Territoires Intermédiaires
At home in between
Start Out is a startup incubator supported by the Septentrionie Orientale à 82° de Paris region. Seeing that more and more companies have to organize international activities right from the start, they could implement with Mobilys training sessions to help these companies understand the context, the patterns, and prepare their relevant international roadmaps, indicators and dashboards.
Start Out
With a little help from abroad
Tongue in Cheese is a group of European regions with a significant cheese industry. They are setting up a project to work on synergy and economies of scale and promote the whole chain of value at global scale, potentially with European funds and the involvement of many stakeholders. They could involve Mobilys in the preparation and implementation of the project.
Tongue in Cheese
So cheese, so good