You are an International Company

Would you like to do business in France? Or the European Union? We can support your team quickly and effectively, learn the basics of your products or technology and start talking to potential customers for you in a matter of days. No need to contract agents, set up a local company, hire people or overburden your team. You can also test the waters and easily adjust your strategy when the time comes.

We can also, for instance:

  • Advise you on the local strategy
  • Support and train your team
  • Assist in events, business trips, partnerships
  • Scout markets
  • Support your French or European partners

Our approach is a long-term partnership in the spirit, and total flexibility in day-to-day operations.

" Francois is someone you can always count on, very reliable and very professional. He brings a sound perspective to the problem at hand, using his international experience to focus the issue, forcing understanding and clarity to the French business context. I’d hire him again on a heartbeat. "
Neal Bastick
CEO Blue H Technologies BV

Wondering how you could use Mobilys’ services?

Review the (imaginary) business cases below and get inspired!

2Chitty2Bang is an Irish company with a vehicle predictive maintenance technology based on historical data and sensors. They use it for trucks, buses and should soon expand to cars. They have some activity in France with major manufacturers but also need to evangelize end users (public transport companies, maintenance companies). Mobilys could help them for business meetings, events, market intelligence, so as to have a presence in France without yet establishing a branch.
Fix it before it breaks
Based in Wisconsin, Cheese Pie is a company that uses French know-how in cheese and cheese products to develop new French-American products. They are well known for their Plateau de Cheese ("a gastronomical peak"). As they travel to France on a regular basis to establish and develop partnerships, they could work with Mobilys to arrange business meetings, investigate leads and facilitate communication.
Cheese Pie
More cheese than you can imagine
Cabertoss Ventures is a Scottish Venture fund that needs to expand internationally. They are interested in the Breton ecosystem, where they find companies with models they are familiar with, but need some local expertise to prevent mistakes and fill the cultural gap. They could involve Mobilys in the talks and various due diligence steps.
Cabertoss Ventures
We know what value is
Cu Chulainn Tooling is an Irish company specialized in percussion tooling, technology and surface treatment. They need to grow and expand globally from a small and local team. They could hire Mobilys for a series of workshops on intercultural issues, international business, management of growing teams, transitions (local to global, innovation, change of generations…).
Cu Chulainn Tooling
Many bangs for your buck