You are a French Company

We’ll be happy to contribute to your progress for instance with:

  • Advice
  • Studies
  • Strategic works
  • Audits
  • Coaching

 We use extended operational experience backed by sound academic knowledge.

Our services are strictly tailor-made. We start from your situation and build with you from there.

We can help your teams for instance with the following topics:

  • Project management
  • Finance for non-financial people
  • Innovation & creativity
  • Management
  • Intercultural issues
  • Advanced organizations
  • Transition management
  • Globalization & organizations

We can adapt the sessions to your context, or even arrange specific tracks suited to your needs.

Training is done in English or French, at your premises or another location.

Would you like to do international business (European Union, US…)? We can support your team quickly and effectively, learn the basics of your products or technology and start talking to potential customers for you in a matter of days. No need to hire people or overburden your team. You can also test the waters and easily adjust your strategy when the time comes.

We can also, for instance:

  • Advise you on the strategy
  • Support and train your team
  • Assist in events, business trips, partnerships
  • Scout markets
  • Support your international partners

Our approach is a long-term partnership in the spirit, and total flexibility in day-to-day operations.

Projects are the implementation of change and therefore cover all aspects of business life.

Sometimes the amount of change is just too much for your team and you may need us for instance in the following cases :

  • Innovation partnership
  • International venture
  • Complex business project
  • Supporting inexperienced teams
  • Temporarily understaffed projects

We bring experience and business & technical acumen, and we can step in and out anytime for full flexibility.

There is no shortage of topics that require the attention of all your team, but everyone is so busy…

Sometimes you need to get all together in a room for a few hours or a day and work with a professional, for instance about:

  • Creativity
  • Change
  • Management
  • Organizational behavior
  • Intercultural issues
  • Women in the workplace
  • Project management
  • International work

Workshops are interactive, concrete, engaging and informative. No only they help you to do your job but they make it more interesting. In English or in French.

Wondering how you could use Mobilys’ services?

Review the (imaginary) business cases below and get inspired!

Safe Kite is a young Breton company created to prevent kite surfing accidents, with a positioning system and AI software that warns the surfer when she / he is getting too close to the shore or boats. Safe Kite is so successful that they get inquiries from the whole world, but the team does not know how to grow or set up an international business. They could get advice from Mobilys and assistance on the next strategic steps.
Safe Kite
Surf and come back alive
A mid-sized Breton company, Dandelion Delicacies has grown over the years to become the world leader in dandelion-based food. The owner and founder would like his key executives to be more professional, international, creative and self-confident, and would like to reward them for their excellent services, but needs them at work and does not have the budget to finance MBAs (which would not be their project either). He could use Mobilys to train them in a series of short, high-level, personalized individual sessions.
Dandelion Delicacies
Food from the fields
Based in Saint Malo, Ciweed has developed a groundbreaking technology for algae farming in urban environments. They need to expand quickly at global scale to establish a dominant market position and self-fund their growth but it is difficult to hire senior international business developers with their company profile and location. They could hire Mobilys to get international business quickly and improve their employer profile.
An ocean taste in the city
On the Rocks is a Breton company specialized in granit that wants to develop a revolutionary software to use this material in innovative ways. It could develop the project with Mobilys, finding the stakeholders, funding, organizing the works (timeline, roadmap, budgets, controls, management…), managing the stakeholders…
On the Rocks
The harder the better
Cardmaster was founded in Brittany in the 80s to manufacture various types of plastic cards. The team rapidly expanded, then stabilized and did not change much thereafter. With most of the staff about to retire in the next few years, a new management taking over and a number of mutations taking place in the business, the company could use Mobilys to organize a series of workshops to help the team understand the new situation and make the right moves.
The cards you want to hold